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INSPIRATION FRIDAY: Traci Bautista Art Video


I love videos that show artists working on a project from start to finish. This video from Traci Bautista is as entertaining to watch as it is inspiring! I love the finesse and gracefulness of her lettering style, you can tell she has been working at it, it’s perfect. Watch it and then give it a try!

By the way – Traci is our guest instructor this year on the Crafty Chica Cruise!

From Traci about the video:

this video shares my technique for journaling my 2011 goals & mantras…see blog post here:http://kollaj.typepad.com/kollaj/20


part of artJOURNALING daily series by traci bauista. a year long blog series of creative prompts in painting, collage, writing, photography, doodling, sketching and inspiration for your art journals and sketchbooks! follow along at: http://kollaj.typepad.com/kollaj/art-journaling-daily.html


Basecoating a leather bag with my beloved Tulip Soft Paints!

Pause for a prayer.


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