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After spending years as a newspaper entertainment reporter, I learned that SWAG (sealed with a gift) is a must-have in promotions and marketing. You take a basic item that is themed around your event, and personalize it. You have to make it fun enough so the person you are giving it to will remember your event.

This works great for book releases!

My Miss Scarlet novel comes out in one month and I knew I had to get hopping! I went to the dollar store and bought mini-sewing kits and small lint rollers, but then thought about my character of Scarlet Santana. She is a DIY fashionista who is always prepared for the unexpected. A sewing kit is a given, expected. But what about lint? Lint on a couture gown is like fly in peanut butter, and that just can’t happen in her world. She isn’t the type to carry around a clunky mini-lint roller when there are POCKET LINT PADS on the market! I found these at the dollar store, three-to a package. Perfect! I imagine Scarlet would carry one in her bra, ready to zap any rogue threads, fluff or dog hairs!

I used Photoshop Elements to create covers and affixed them with a glue stick. Voila! My printer was running out of ink, so I’ll end up laying these out as a grid on a sheet, copying to a CD and taking it to Kinko’s to print out on glossy paper. I want them to look professional. I plan to add the book’s synopsis and my web site to the back cover.

When they are finished, I can pass these out as gifts to press, or VIPs or the first group of people who buy my books!

You can also make bookmarks, keychains or magnets too!

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  1. That is a great idea. People will be thinking of you and your book when they use them. Lets hope they run into a pack of loving chihuahua’s who shed.

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