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Happy Gnome Flower Pots

From TV commercials to movie cameos, garden gnomes have become a beloved fixture in pop culture outdoor decor. When I couldn’t find a gnome for my own garden, I made a flower pot version! Problem solved!

Materials List


Shiny Black
Shiny Blue
Shiny Green
Shiny White






1. Paint the bases and rims of all the flower pots in contrasting colors, let dry.
2. Cut out the gnome images and apply Collage Pauge on the back and affix to front of each pot. Coat the front side as well. Let dry. Smooth out wrinkles with finger.
3. Apply black Puffy Paint in dots around each image to give it a polished look. Let dry.
4. Add painted accent designs around the body of each pot and the rims, top of rims and let dry.
5. Spray with high gloss sealer.
6. Enjoy!


Phoenix Fridas meeting

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1 thought on “Happy Gnome Flower Pots”

  1. That’s adorable!
    I feel like I have to say sorry that I don’t comment more often. I have been enjoying your blog for a while now. I LOVE your work, your writing, your whole adorable personality! This is really more of a general comment, not a “gnome specfic” comment! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your life and your amazing talent with us! It’s inspiring! If you lived in Austin, we’d be best friends! 🙂
    Martha Cole


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