DIY haute hangers!

Make your own DIY haute hangers! Plain wood hangers deserve a colorful makeover, as does your closet. These are wood hangers that I bought blank and then painted, decoupaged and woodburned. For the decoupage version, I used old Simplicity sewing patterns. The wood burned one, I decorated it with my sister’s initials. And the last one, I just used regular craft paint. I sealed them all with high gloss varnish. I bought the wood hangers at IKEA.

The hangers come with a light varnish, so sand them down a bit. The surface is smooth and solid, perfect for any kind of decorating! Can you believe I once received an order to paint 300 of these for a designer for fashion week?

Ideas of what to do with them:
– Give as bridesmaids gifts.
– If you sell handmade clothing, you can decorate them with your company logo.
– Make them for your guest coat closet.
– Have your kids decorate them for their closet – they can do one for each holiday event of what they are going to wear.
– Use them to hold purses, scarves and jewelry.
– Make use of the triangular area: Add a photo from the back, add cork to make it a bulletin board, or even dry erase or chalkboard. (Okay, I’m totally going to do these!)

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  1. These are great! I’ve been looking for arty hangers for my clothing shop. Maybe I’ll try your idea. Although sanding and painting about 200 of these puppies will take some doing.

    1. Try Ross they have hangers in mauve colors 5 for about $4 no painting required you decorate….

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