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Make a juicy treasure box!


Everyone needs a happy place to keep their tiny treasures. Why not make a box that is as special outside as the things you’ll place inside?

Visit a thrift shop and look for wood canister sets – those are the best!

Choose a box, wash it, sand it down to remove any varnish and paint it. Try a different color on each side! Add more colors around each border!

Decoupage images from magazines or your favorite quotes, color copies of your doodles or old family pictures. The only rule is to cover it with images that will put a smile on your face! Don’t forget to paint the lid and add glitter!

If you don’t want to decoupage, freestyle your way around the grain with a paintbrush…

When your done, give it a good spray of varnish to make it extra shiny! Use it to hold your precious goodies, or use it as a gift box for a super special friend!


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  1. I LOOOVEEE the box! I used to paint boxes all of the time in my 20’s, and this takes me right back to all of the fun I used to have adding bits and pieces to boxes. I have President’s Day off from work, and I’ve been wondering what to do with myself on that day. I think I just found the answer – thanks for the inspiration!!


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