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No-Sew Applique Flaming DIY Shibori Top!

This is a shirt that I bleached out using the Shibori technique. I’ve included a video below, but instead of using dye, I used bleach. I let it set on the tube for about 15 minutes and then I washed the shirt, dried it and used Tulip Color Shot in yellow and red to create the look of flames. I let it set according to package directions and then washed and dried it.

DIY Shibori dye technique

 Cut a heart pattern out of a piece of paper. Using chalk, trace the pattern on the front of the shirt.
Cut out that shape on the top layer of the shirt. Next, cut out a heart on contrasting fabric, just a bit bigger than the pattern.
Using permanent fabric adhesive, apply a line of glue all around the outside edge of the heart.
Slide the fabric inside the shirt and press the layers together. Let dry for 20 minutes. Rub off chalk marks.

Now your reverse applique is set! But the raw edges of the shirt look kind of icky. Use some black Puffy Paint to make dots along the seam. I added two more layers for a bold look. Let dry.


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  1. I LOVE this!!! This is something that I could even get the hubby to wear! When you sprayed the red and yellow, I assume you didnt worry about the unbleached areas (since the colors wouldn’t show). Am I correct? I have got to try this!!

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