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Phoenix Fridas meeting

We all got together last Saturday to catch up, plan our four big events for the year and…CRAFT!

After our meeting was adjourned, we busted out with bangles from DIYBangles.com and Crafty Chica markers and went to town. There is no better feeling than to add wet color to dry wood, so relaxing!

 Lucia worked on her bracelet and told us why her mom named Lucia – after the patron saint of blindness and eyesight!  It must have worked because here she is working hard on the details of her bracelet.

 April is wearing a bracelet that I made because it was too small for my wrist. The bracelet that April made fit just right, so we swapped! She showed us new pieces from her new collection of paintings.

 Anita didn’t make a bracelet – yet. She worked on this elaborate crocheted necklace, very intense and beautiful! I can hardly wait to see it finished! She also made us this amazeballs lunch of shrimp, avocados, BBQ and cocktail sauce mixed together. Delish!

 Here I am modeling April’s bracelet!

 Finished bracelets.


Anita made all of crocheted rings! Here is mine, I love it, it is so cute and delicate, yet it is big and colorful too!

I love that our Frida meetings always end with ART!

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  1. You all had 2much fun!& that shrimp dish sounds ono (Hawaiian for delicious). Teens @ the library might like DIYbracelets; gotta ask them. They had a blast @ Wed’s DIYValentine Cards w/ punches, stamps, stickers, markers, stencils, pencils,..almost 50 original cards made. Sorry no pics as I was @ the Info Desk the whole time, so they were on their own spontaneous selves. Very fun!


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