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Glass Jar Shrines

I’ve made shrines out of all kinds of objects, why not under glass? I’ve seen these type of art assemblages at boutiques and decided it was time to make one..or two…The idea is to look for miniature items that will fit under glass.

You’re going to need a base of some sort, a jar or candle holder, that fits it; and items to go under the jar. Experiment and play around with the arrangement until you find a setting you like.

Glue is essential here. I used Liquid Fusion® Clear Urethane Glue.

I used a wood plaque and painted it and covered it with glitter fabric. I then used another smaller wood piece in the center and glued the pieces to that. I used hot glue to hold the item in place while the Liquid Fusion dried. I also added contrasting trim around the top base.

Now add the Liquid Fusion all around the rim of the glass and place it upside down on the base. Use blue painter’s tape to keep it locked in a super steady. After it’s dry, remove the tape.

And there you have it! Here are the two I made. Now, you’ll want to embellish the top as well. On one of them, I used small Mexican tissue flowers, and the other, I made a little bottlecap shrine, added silk flowers. Oh! See that swirly gold thing? That is from a pair of earrings, I lost the other one, at least I made good use of the remaining one!

These are super fun and easy. You can use baby food jars or votive holders, you can add pictures, letter beads, whatever you want! The best part is that your items won’t get dusty because they are encased in glass. My best tip is to make sure your glue is 100% dry on the inside before you seal down the glass.

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