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Tucson Festival of Books – a recap

My mother-in-law, nephew and daughter joined on a trip to Tucson last weekend for the Tucson Festival of Books! It was such a spirited event, and I felt so honored to be there as a speaker and panelist. I went on behalf of Nuestras Raices which is a program of the Pima County Public Library. The crowd attendance was well over 100,000, and everyone was hungry for reading as well as writing. In between my sessions I was able to sit in on some workshops and came home motivated to jump back to work on my next novel!


A week of sad tears and happy tears.

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity, Kathy! Las Cruces, NM, right up the road from me here in El Paso, has a book and writer’s fair every year too.

    Did you attend the Xico, Inc. dinner a couple of weeks ago? I’m one of their artists and had a guitar for auction and one of my dolls as a door prize. Sounds like it was a fun event….just wish I lived closer.

    Have a great week.



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