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Adventures with foil tape (faux embossing!)

Foil tape faux embossing – my latest addiction!

Recently I picked up a chunky roll of foil tape at the hardware store because I wanted to experiment with faux embossing. LOVE it! Read on to see the technqiues I tried!


Cardstock or chipboard designs
Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue Sticks 
Crafty Chica® Little Chica Paint Packs™ 
Foil tape

Baby wipes
Q-tips or a stylus

Cut out your designs from the cardstock and glue them down to the base. I used drops of hot glue around the edges because I wanted the look of rivets.

Cut a strip of the foil tape (crunch in hands if you want crinkles in finished piece) and remove the backing. Place over the base. Not too tight, because you need to indent all the edges and you don’t want the foil to rip.

Use the Q-tip or stylus to accent all the edges.You want the cardstock designs to “pop” out.

Brush on a coat of black acrylic paint. Let dry, and then carefully wipe off top layers with the baby wipe. You can keep doing this with different colors of paint to get a deeper look.

Use dollar store nail polish to add shiny color! You can also use Rub n Buff for gold accents.

Not bad for a first attempt! I wish I had crinkled the foil tape before I peeled off the backing. I would have had more crevices to catch the paint.

I used chipboard letter on a canvas for this one. I used one layer of black paint, let it dry, wiped it off and then I added a coat of hot pink paint, let it dry and wiped it off.

Last, I used a gold paint pen to add gilded accents. I let it pool up and then used my finger to rub it into certain areas. As a last step, I added lines on top of the letters. Lastly, I added a coat of shiny spray varnish.

I’m sold on this technique. I’m going to be making a lot more lettered canvases very soon! TIP: You can substitute foil tape with regular foil and Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. Check out Heidi Borchers tutorial here!

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