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Modern Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal

Modern Log Cabin Quilting: 25 Simple Quilt and Patchwork Projects for Sewers (@22.99, Potter Craft, paperback) is not your great-great grandmothers quilt book. This one is for contemporary fabric designers, as well as anyone who is in search of a (cleverly) twisted take on tradition.

If you’ve never considered the thought of poking a needle through anything, Susan Beal will change your mind. She offers a wide scale of design ideas for various skill levels that range from cute to edgy, all presented in a friendly, conversational tone. And if you still aren’t sold on the whole tufted bedcover concept, there are plenty of accessory projects to try, such as Color Block Tea Towels, a zip bag, camera case, coasters and handbags.

My favorite is the Anniversary Quilt, where you dedicate a square to a piece of fabric from a favorite memory, add some patchwork magic, and use them to construct a bright and cheery material masterpiece. I still have plenty of my kids clothing from when they were little and this will be a fantastic way to use them!

SUSAN BEAL is the author of Super Crafty, Bead Simple, and Button It Up. She also writes for craft magazines and websites. Susan has contributed to Handmade Nation, Craft Corps, Appliqué Your Way, and many other books, and was featured in the film Handmade Nation. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Andrew, and their daughter, Pearl. You can find more of her work at www.susanbeal.com or visit her blog at www.westcoastcrafty.com.

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  1. This review is so timely for me Kathy. I learned to sew as a young girl but had never tried quilting. I took my first class in November 2010 and have now taken a total of 4 classes. I think I love it. I know I love the quilt books. Thank you for reviewing this. I’m definitely giving it a look to add to my collection.

    Have a sparkley day!


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