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Turn Men’s Shirt into a Blouse

Transform a men’s dress shirt into a cheery, colorful blouse for the sunny season!


  • Men’s dress shirt
  • 1 yard of twill tape
  • 2 yards of coordinating silk ribbon
  • Fabric stencils (See “Source.”)
  • Fabric glitter (See “Source.”)
  • Fabric glue  (See “Source.”)
  • Fabric dye (See “Source.”)
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Safety pin
  • Decorative buttons (optional)

Sew It

  1. Dye the shirt in the desired color(s), following the manufacturer’s instructions. The shirt showcased on the episode was dyed orange on top and fuchsia on bottom. Launder the shirt; press.
  2. Position the buttoned shirt right side up on a flat work surface. Measure 5″ above the chest pocket; mark using tailor’s chalk. Draw a line extending from the mark to each shirt side edge. Cut along the line to remove the shirt upper portion.
  3. Cut off the sleeves just beyond each shoulder seam. Stitch a rolled hem along the raw edges.
  4. Fold the shirt upper edge 1 1/2″ toward the wrong side; pin, and then stitch. Insert the safety pin along one twill tape end. Feed the tape through the shirt upper edge. Remove the safety pin and tie together the tape ends.
  5. Turn over the shirt so the back is facing up. Fold the shirt in half lengthwise and widthwise to find the center; unfold. Fold the ribbon in half widthwise; unfold. Position the ribbon center over the shirt center; stitch, leaving two long ribbon tails.
  6. Turn over the shirt so the front is facing up. Decorate the shirt front using stencils, adhesive and glitter, as desired. Let dry.
  7. Remove the buttons and hand stitch decorative buttons in place, if desired.
  8. Try on the blouse and tie the ribbon around the body to the blouse front. Tie the ribbon into a knot or bow.


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2 thoughts on “Turn Men’s Shirt into a Blouse”

  1. i really love this bouse but im more of a visual learner…i was wondering if you could do this as a video tutorial or atleast with some picture. please and thank you☺

  2. Thanks Kathy. It’s good to see you giving the full process of making the spring blouse. It’s good to modify the good and unused shirts to make something new for the daily use dress. Especially if you have the dress shirts lot with you which is no more in use. It’s beneficial for my wife as she is also doing the same stuff regularly.


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