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Juicy Journaling with SARK!

Planet Sark has always been one of my favorite sites for inspiration and motivation. It’s filled with so much color and cheer, I can’t help but pop out my markers and go to town on the nearest hard surface available. I love that she recognizes writing as a big component of the artistic process. Especially when it comes to journaling! If you have ever wanted to write, but didn’t know where to start, SARK has just the program for you! She just kicked off Volume 2 of her popular Juicy Journaling series.

From her blog:

The first Juicy Journaling eProgram was released in 2009, and by popular demand, I’ve created an ultra-juicy sequel, with 100% all-new content PLUS four LIVE writing teleworkshops with me!

Juicy Journaling Volume 2 is overflowing with NEW, multi-media tools to help you…

    • Unearth your new, fresh writing voice

  • Nourish your curious, colorfull, inspired writer self


  • Expand self-awareness and self-care practices


  • Find your flow and create a happy habit for daily creative writing


  • Go new places with words…from journaling to poetry and beyond!


  • Discover the story that only you can tell!


  • Challenge your creativity in four LIVE “Juicy Jam” writing teleworkshops…structured exactly how I run my in-person workshops!


  • Develop new courage and confidence across many writing styles


  • Find and renew a deep LOVE for both your writing AND and your life!



Even better, she is offering a free sample and discounts now through this Friday!

more from her blog:

Through This Friday, April 8 Only, Get Two Days of Juicy Journaling – Volume 2…. totally for FREE
with SARK’s Wild Words Contest!

When I teach writing, I emphasize that “real writing” can look different than we might think it’s “supposed” to look.

REAL writing is what happens whenever we get our pens moving! I love to teach writing exercises like fast list-making, composing letters, coming up with new words that don’t make sense, making up acronyms, writing made-up recipes…is this “real writing”? YES!

One of the exercises in my brand-new eProgram, Juicy Journaling Volume 2, is about coming up with intriguing titles as a gateway to connecting to deep ideas and feelings. So, to celebrate the launch of this long-awaited sequel, I’m announcing SARK’s Wild Words Contest!

It’s sort of like a combination between a writing contest and a treasure hunt…and EVERYONE who enters wins a prize! 

Here’s the link to sign up!

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