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Swirl Embellished Dog Bed

“I am Bianca, Queen Chihuahua of this house!”

I wanted to decorate a bed for one of my dogs, and the first dog (out of our 5) to jump in was Bianca!

“I like this bed. Please embellish it for me. Swirls are my favorite.”
 I bought this bed at a discount store, and found it was a perfect fit for a Chihuahua!

Using Puffy Paint, I made as many doodles and swirls to fill up the sides of the bed.

Smooth and skinny lines usually do the trick. Try to avoid big globs of the paint, since it takes much longer to dry. Make sure you leave it to dry for a couple of hours, or over night is best.

“He seems so distant, why can’t he turn around to see my starry eyes?”

As you can see, Bianca and Boostie loved it!

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  1. OH! Maya this is so cute and simple! I have 2 Cocker Spaniels – Bailey and Bindi Sui, 1 Chihuahua named Paco and my grandpuppy – a Schnauzer named Tiffy. They all love their beds and this would make them extra special!


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