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Review from The Self-Rescue Princess!

 The most important element of the characters I write is that they have to be independent and self-reliant. Maybe not at the beginning of the book, but for sure by the end. I love that reviewer Christina Freeburn “got” it and even wrote a review of my novel. Thank you, Christina!

“The character of Mary Theresa brought home the fact there is a balance between being a self-rescuing princess and a damsel in distress, a characteristic that is good and empowering can turn into one that is unpleasant and harmful if a person is not careful. Mary Theresa came into her own in the story and in the end, she landed up being my favorite character.”

Here is the rest of her review.  If you are working on a writing project, I highly suggest you subscribe to Cristina’s site. It has the perfect balance of reviews, writing tips, and more.

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