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Current, random works-in-progress!

Pictures of current works-in-progress in my life right now!
One of them is top secret, you’ll have to wait until mid-August for more details!

 Hand cut plastic bezels.


 Top secret, hee-hee! It has to do with this.

 These dogs of mine are always a work-in-progress! This week we switched their food and they have been protesting by not eating. Then they used their noses to spill it out of their bowls all over the floor. Drama dogs!

 Maya is officially finished with a little thing called high school. Now she will be going off to college!

Spending my nights writing up lesson plans for my upcoming publicity workshop. Have you signed up yet? It’s only $99 for four weeks! We are covering a LOT of great info to help professional creatives score some new press for their brands and businesses!

Have I told you yet how I’m the new Crafts Editor at BlogHer.com? I have ALWAYS wanted to be an “editor. ” Just when I gave up hope that it would ever happen, the staff at BlogHer.com contacted me and offered me the part-part-time gig. It consists of me sharing a variety of different craft and garden type posts from female bloggers all over the world.  Make sure to visit my page and share your projects so I can feature them! 

 I kinda sorta flubbed a bit of my speech last Friday night – in front of the world-famous Diana Gabaldon! Check out my recap over at ChicaWriter.com. Leave a comment sharing a time you flubbed a speech and be entered to win a set of my novels!

Curiosity got the best of me and I made a bunch of water bottle flowers. Now I have to figure out what to do with them!

 Have a happy Thursday!

Kathy 🙂

Ever flub a speech? Please share!



3 thoughts on “Current, random works-in-progress!”

  1. I LOVE your friendly plastic creations. That is diffidently on the must learn list for this year!

    The plastic bottle flowers are so cute! Makes me want to have them on metal stakes and put all over my back yard! It’s gotten to hot to grow anything with color!


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