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Less crafting. More writing!

I’ve blogged over at Diary of a Crafty Chica since 2003 and I still plan to keep it going strong – however, I’ve recently come to a very important decision.

Writing comes first.

At least when it comes to my free time. I’ve always dreamed of having a long term career as a novelist, and now that, by the grace of God, I’ve had two fiction books published, I have to work hard to keep the momentum moving.

Here’s a nugget of truth about being an author. It’s difficult to write, edit and sell your first book, but it is double hard to keep it going. New hurdles are established and you have to clear them to stay in the game. I write because I love to tell stories and deliver happy endings with messages that will make readers want to try something new. I’m making it my priority, I feel compelled to set everything else aside do go for it!

My mission for the next month: two novel outlines, two non-fiction book proposals! Yah!

More updates to come!

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2 thoughts on “Less crafting. More writing!”

  1. Wow, Kathy, I didn’t know you were a non-fiction writer too! How wonderful for you. I suppose I use my blog as my own form of story telling…I love to spin a good story now and then.

    I still have plans to write a book about my experience of “growing up” with an autistic child, my child, who is now 25. There is no way I’m going to turn something so serious into a sad sack story…there’s just too much funny stuff that happened in between and that’s what I want to concentrate on in my, so far, future book.

    So congrats on your ambitious venture and upward and onward.



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