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How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden


Photo credit: http://lifeonthebalcony.com/

Just because you live in a small apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have decent flower beds. All you have to do is adjust your vision a bit. That is what Fern Richardson preaches on her blog, Life on the Balcony. I love this how-to that starts with how to find yourself a pallet:

1. Find a Pallet. Most likely you’ll find one behind a supermarket near the dumpsters so it’s FREE!

I’ve had good luck finding them in dumpsters behind supermarkets. No need to be squeamish. It doesn’t smell. At least, it doesn’t smell that bad. Don’t just take the first pallet you find. You’re looking for one with all the boards in good condition, no nails sticking out, no rotting, etc. If you intend to put edibles in your pallet, be sure to find one that was heat treated as opposed to fumigated with pesticides.

2. Prepare the Pallet. Repair any loose boards and add landscape fabric to the back so you don’t damage the wall that the pallet will rest against it.
3. Pick Your Plants. Cascading plants like the nasturtiums that Fern has on the top level will make it feel full and vibrant. This would also be an excellent place to have a vertical herb garden planted with thyme, basil, rosemary, and of course some cilantro.
4. Enjoy Spring. You’re going to smile when you seen that beautiful wall of green! 

Spring Pallet garden from lifeonabalcony on craftychica.com
Photo credit: Lifeonabalcony.com
This tutorial was on Lifeonthebalcony.com is no longer available so here are some videos to help with the build and set up. It’s really easy to do! The hardest part will probably be deciding what plants you will want to plant in it. 

YouTube video

Herb Garden

YouTube video



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