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A week in photos: Classes Coffee Bean Ice Cubes

Busy times as always over here. Here’s just a few pics to prove it!

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The 2012 cruise is finalized! After going back and forth whether to do a four-day cruise like I wanted or an eight-day like we did this year – we settled on the eight day. The ship is brand new, we had such a great time and the price was just right. I hope you’ll consider joining us! I limit the group to 50 people so we have plenty of room to stretch out and so I have time to hang with everyone! i’ll have full deets soon, but for now, here is the flyer!

Now the next adventure!

You know how we’ve been struggling to clean the art room and came up with the great idea of mystery boxes of supplies? Here they are prepped for shipping! If you missed the sale – no worries. We’re still cleaning the room and will have another batch of these this week. We’re about halfway done cleaning the art room! This weekend we get our new cabinets in there! Yay!

Last week I was at Target in the book section. Every time I go there, I stand in front of the budding authors section and visualize my books on those shelves. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still working on it. I’m a firm believer in that kind of stuff. Maybe it won’t be one of two novels, but one in the future after I’m grown into my books a little. ANYWAY – my point for this picture…look at all these covers. They all have the backs of little kids on them. Must be some kind of trend. BTW: I got some really good news about my two novels! “Listen” up for an update when I can announce the news!

Saturday I taught a kids mixed media art class at Chandler’s Vision Gallery.
Here is a girl with her finished canvas. Didn’t it come out cute?

I saw this at Target tonight – Fred & Friends Cool Beans Ice Cube Tray. You fill it with coffee, so your iced coffee doesn’t get runny when you use plain old water ice cubes. I’m going to have to go and buy a second one of these to use in my crafts! Ack – next thing you know it will be in a mystery box!


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