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Random pictures!

My current method of storage for odds and ends that i use all the time.

Finished frame for a painting.

Two new hanging shrines/

Photo shoot from my friend, Alexa!

My loveable muppet-esque dog, ChaCha! This was before her haircut.

Kibosh the clichés

Heartful Shrink Plastic Skull Earrings


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  1. I love your work! I just ordered one of your craft books and can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m just wondering if you have any tips for how to recreate the look using materials available in the UK? I live in Birmingham and although we are massively multicultural, we don’t have a particularly large Latin American community. I was in a bar with my friend from Chile one day and we saw a leaflet offering salsa lessons in “Birmingham’s Latin Quarter” this turned to be one bar, which to be run by a Greek guy… Birmingham’s mythic Latin Quarter has been a running joke between us since then! There are lots of Indian textiles around and lots of middle eastern mirrors, etc, so just wondering what colours/types of patterns I could use to create the sort of look I see in a lot of your wonderful projects!


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