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Heartful Shrink Plastic Skull Earrings



Shrink plastic earrings are the BEST! Hours of entertainment, here’s how to make these cool shrink plastic skull earrings!


1 sheet of shrink plastic

permanent markers

Hole punch


Oven, cookie sheet, paper bag

Cut the sheet into quarters. Each quarter will be cut into one pair of earrings. Use a pencil to draw on the frosted side of the shrink plastic. Erase and redraw until you like the design. Outline in black, then fill in with color. Cut out the shapes and punch a hole at the top.

Line a cookie sheet with a flat piece of brown paper bag.

Heat up the directions according to the package directions, bake according to directions as well. you’ll see the pieces curl up as they are being heated, but they’ll flatten out, promise! Let cool, then add jump rings and earring hooks – you’ll need jewelry pliers for this!

Have fun!

Random pictures!

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  1. I have found that the color usually comes off with water or sweat, but a nice tip is to put a mod podge coat on and it stays. 🙂


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