Yarn Bombing or Art?

Those of us who eat, sleep and breathe in the crafty universe, have been aware of “yarn bombing” for years, thanks to the folks behind Knitta, Please. Now The New York Times has acknowledged it too!
Last month, reporter Mallia Wollan shared insight to the spirit behind this fancy fibrous movement.

Photo credit: Olek

From lamp posts to stop signs, guerrilla knitters have made their mark one stitch at a time. However, when you see this photo of the Charging Bull near Wall Street that crochet artist Olek covered – don’t you dare call it yarn bombing.

“I don’t yarn bomb, I make art,” she told the New York Times.

Regardless, I love that these artists are taking their craft to the streets – a reminder to society that the handmade movement is alive and strong and not going anywhere!
Here is the full story by the New York Times. You will also find slideshows of other works.
Here is Olek’s web site where you can see more of her yarn art.
Check out this site that covers Olek’s art installations, one at Christopher Henry Gallery just ended last week.
You must read up on Knitta, Please, where you can see even more yarn bombing pictures! By the way – check out their new yarn-inspired iPhone covers for sale!

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  1. This is brilliant! I am amazed at the abilities of the artist for knitting a full-coverage suit for the charging bull. I can knit, but it takes a whole new determination to create art from it like that. Mad props to Olek.

  2. Each artist has the right to define her work. If Olek tells me it’s art, it’s art. The medium is yarn. The craft is crochet. And the cultural phenomenon is yarn-bombing. None of these have to be mutually exclusive.

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