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Harry Potter Book Cover Charm Bracelet

My latest Crafty Cinema project – Harry Potter theme. Both my kids are into Harry Potter a LOT. They went to the midnight showing and came home very happy with the film! I bet as soon as the opening credits of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two appeared, fans across the world let out a sigh of emotion. From elation to sadness, we’ve run the gamut with this beloved book and movie series. To commemorate the event and all things Harry Potter, here is a charm bracelet with the famous book covers that started it all. To make this you need…
  • Crafty Chica® Little Chica Paint Packs™
  • Crafty Chica® Charm Bracelet ™ Workshop-in-a-Box™
  • Collage Pauge® Instant Decoupage™
  • Miscellaneous

    •   Beads and charms of your choice
    •   Needle-nose pliers
    •   Small square wood pieces, appx. 1”x1”
    •   (7) Harry Potter book cover images printed out to fit onto wood squares
    •   Hand-held rotary tool


    1. Cut out the printed book cover images and use Collage Pauge® to adhere one book cover image to each piece of wood.
    2. Use Crafty Chica® Paint to paint the back side squares or print out a second set of images and adhere matching images to back side of each.
    3. Use the paint to add a colorful border around each square. Let dry.
    4. Coat squares with Collage Pauge® to create a shiny, laminated look. Let dry.
    5. Use the hand-held rotary tool to drill holes at the top of each decorated wooden square.
    6. Using needle-nose pliers and the jump rings in the Crafty Chica® Charm Bracelet Workshop-in-a-Box, evenly attach the squares to the bracelet. See package directions to add beads and other charms between the squares.


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