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Easy Felt Scrap Garland

Tally’s Felt Scrap Garland

I’m a sucker when it comes to saving leftovers – especially fabric. Tally from I Could Make That came up with an easy solution for us scrap hoarders.
Simply stitch all those snippets together into long, long, long strips of garland. You can hang them in a kid’s room, or on the patio, at a party or around a tree trunk – or on a Christmas tree during the holidays. I think it would be cool to mix in some minilights as well…

Tally says:

“Finally, last week I came up with a way to turn the felt scraps into a lovely garland with (this is key) very minimal time and effort. And absolutely no laborious cutting of multiple identical small shapes. Because y’know what? A-symmetry is in. Just ask all those sad hipsters.”


Faux Embossing With Tissue Paper

My week in Chicago at CHA Summer 2011!


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