My week in Chicago at CHA Summer 2011!

After two long days of set  up, we went for a nice dinner. Here is my friend, PattieWack about to enjoy a tasty dirty martini!

This is Lauren our Trade Show Coordinator. She is so organized and creative, our booth set-up went so smooth!
Linguini and prosciutto mixed in a Parmesan wheel of cheese. Drool.
Day one of the convention. I demoed our wonderful Tulip Body Art. Here is artist Theresa Cifali. I painted her hand.
A special request for wings!
Milagro heart.
My booth neatly set up, ready for business!
Part of the tuffet I decorated.
At one point, everyone wanted glittered tattoos on their ankles!
Steve and Cathie eating yummy pizza at Giordanos.
Brother and sister had special requests for me.
Barbe, Bernie and me! Dang my hair is fuzzy!
Beauty shot of one of my tried and true favorite products, Tulip Soft Paint!
This is a mechanic’s jumpsuit I altered and glittered with Tulip Shimmer Fabric Sheets and Paints.
I made this leather wrist cuff to match.
Amazing dress made by Heidi Borchers.
The crafty gang – Pattie Wack, Heather Mann, me and Terri O.
I demoed Tulip Fabric Markers, Shimmer Paints and Beads in a Bottle in The Upholstery Studio’s booth.
During the slow periods, I painted my own arms.
More painting.
This man participated in a craft challenge and used my Crafty Chica Wood Frame Box as his substrate!
Pattie’s bead display. so clever!
Chicago skyline from a window view.
A nice dessert to end the adventure.
Last picture as we headed to the airport. This trip was wonderful, so was the show, our booth, all the guests we saw. i love my co-workers, they made every moment enjoyable. Our team rocked the house!
I came home and me and the kids did a photo shoot on our newly glittered floor!
DeAngelo’s birthday was Saturday, we went out for burgers and shakes. Here is DeAngelo and Maya “smiling” for the camera.
DeAngelo on the floor!
ChaCha strikes a pose!

Kathy 🙂

Love & light,

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  1. LOVE your glitter floor!!! Think I’ll have to wait until I’m not renting a house though, don’t think my landlord would understand, hehehe…

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