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Phoenix Frida Sewing Party

You know how much I LOVE to sew. Singer Sewing Co. knows too! They were kind enough to send me a batch of goodies to host a sewing party with my craft group, The Phoenix Fridas! It was part of a national campaign to promote the new SINGER® Confidence Stylist .

Here’s how it went…

Here is April. She hadn’t never sewn before but after our party she went on to make art pieces, including a huge hanging heart for our Phoenix Frida exhibit.

Emily is our resident comedianne and painter! She hung the glittery banners, but first had fun with them.

This is some of the fabric we used for our purses. They are still a work in progress. We’ll have to have a second sewing party to finish them!

This is Lucia, a paper and fabric collage artist, with an applique purse she made.

Michelle, our multimedia Frida, is deciding which pattern to use!

Well, I didn’t have a Confidence machine, but we made good use of my Singer Esteem II, which I love after going through all of this…

This is my former Singer machine, now it serves as an art piece in our studio!

And this is my Nana Cano, using her Singer to make a dress for my Aunt Mitzi. If you read my Miss Scarlet’s School of Patternless Sewing book, you might remember the part about Scarlet and her Nana Eleanor taking the bus to a fancy dress store where they would choose three dresses, take them in the dressing room and sketch a hybrid of their favorite aspects of the garments. They would then buy the fabric, make the custom patterns and make the dress.

This was inspired by my Nana Cano and Aunt Mitzi. That’s exactly what they did!

My Aunt Mitzi always shares sewing stories about my nana. They used to buy the Hollywood magazines and sketch gowns that the starlets wore, and then make their own. My Aunt Mitzi said people would never believe her when she told them that all her clothes were handmade! They thought she bought them at the expensive dress shops!


What Steve Irwin (RIP) once drew for me…

DIY Magazine Flower Brooch


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  1. This looks like so much fun! You look like your Nana. I loved the book and it is neat to know some of the true stories behind the fiction. Keep up the good work!


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