A Week in Pictures; Giveaway Winner (And Another Giveaway!)

I spent all of last week in Fresno at the iLoveToCreate studios working on a top secret project that involved a LOT of color, glitter and fringe. Here are some pictures I snapped along the way. Read all the way, there is a contest at the bottom of this post!

I bought these before I left. They are called FitFlops and my life is changed because of them! They are super comfy and the sequins sealed the deal. I’m so ready to invest in other pairs. Yah, my glory days of high heels are long gone, I’m all about the comfort.

Over at iLTC, they have an upstairs auditorium and all along the walls are motivational quotes. I’ve been working there since 2007, and I still get a rush at reading these and always take pictures. I snapped this one on Wednesday!

Hey, hey, guess what this is? It is a special preview for you blog readers. That’s all I can say about that for right now!

Alexa and I went shopping on Thursday and this pen cup was on the counter at a store. It wasn’t for sale, but it was my favorite item!

Bought this book at Anthropologie. The Lover’s Dictionary. I’m working on my book outline right now, but when I’m done, I plan to devour this one.

This is a blouse that my co-worker, Chloe, wore to work. I loved the sparkles down the front. An easy look to recreate!

One day I spent eight hours coloring with juicy fabric markers and the art transferred to my skin.

Ohhhh! Another preview….

This is from one of the work tables, Allee was dyeing cotton fabric and I liked the look of the wetness. Doesn’t it look like patent leather?

Alexa planking in downtown Clovis.

This is in PattieWack’s backyard. We don’t have a lot of gorgeous grass like this in Phoenix, so as soon as I saw this yard, I couldn’t help but roll and roll and roll in it. I stopped to pose for a picture.

Trim run.  Perfect combo of colors and textures, right?

My brother bought Maya a laptop for college! This was earlier today. She is way giddy about it!

The winner of the recent giveaway is debpaint16 – she gets a pack of Crafty Chica Mojito Papers!

How to enter: One of our kids is dating! They make a super cute couple! Leave a comment sharing a personal memory of a “meet-the-parents” story.

I’ll draw one name TONIGHT at midnight to win a free spot in Patrick’s papercutting class!

Good luck!!

Kathy 🙂

Love & light,

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  1. In his older age, my dad is very laid back. Still, I was a sensible girl… I never really had him meet any of my boyfriends until my husband came along. I’ve only really had a total of 3 serious boyfriends. Jeff (my hubs), well, He’s a kickass guy. He made me happy, he treated me well, and he’s a provider, which my dad gave his blessing. Later on when he proposed, him and dad conspired against me LOL

  2. So excited that I won the pack of Crafty Chica Mojito Papers! I am sending you my personal info!!!! I love the sneak peaks & can’t wait to see what is coming!!! Many Thanks!!! Debbie

  3. I’m sure Maya has excellent taste and Patrick is a good judge of character. He is likely a really swell young man. Just tell him to be himself and he’ll be just fine!

  4. When my son was going to college he worked at the Coroner office. On
    occasion he would have to go and pick the remains of someone who had
    passed. He was always very kind and respectful to the family. However,
    he told his new girlfriend what he did for work and evidently she told her
    Dad; because when he arrive at her house to meet her parents for the first time. Her father came in, my son stood up and shook hands and then the father said ” Son first I expect you to bring my daughter home at a respectful time and second I expect you never to bring any of your work home. Both laughed and my son kept both promises. However, there were been several girlfriends after that until he finally married. To this day he has not brought any of his work home.. Thank goodness.
    F (via email)

  5. if a young person is serious about the person they are dating, they need to reach out to the parents and vice versa. if the relationship gets serious that level of trust and understanding will already be formed. the worst thing is to ignore and i know from experience!!!!!
    l.C. (via email)

  6. Prom night, 1972, all gussed up,
    a knock @ the door, my hillbilly mom opens it to meet my date for the first time,…. having no boyfriend to attend I had asked my gay, black fellow jazz dancer , Al, basically to make a statement @ my all white san fernando high school, he was he best dancer and great personality that I knew, needless to say my mom was left speechless and we made a great splash @ the ambassador hotel w/ none other than richard pryor for the entertainment!

  7. My husband found out who my Dads favorite athletes were, then learned all their vital statistics and current victories so he would have something to talk to my dad about.

  8. I was going to the cinema for a first date with a guy I knew when I lived at home. He came to pick me up and my mum answered the front door so that she could make sure he looked respectable. “What are you going to see?” my mum asked. “8 Mile” my date said. “ooh, I love that film!” my mum replied, much to my date’s surprise. “really?!” he said, “oh yes,” she exclaimed, I really love Tom Hanks!” She meant Green Mile…

  9. I was with my sister and her then boyfriend, now husband, the first time he met our dad. We ran into him at the Post Office and were super embarrassed. Our dad was wearing those brightly colored weightlifting pants with the velcro front from the 80s and a purple cardigan with no shirt underneath. God only knows why. To this day, 14 years later, all my bro-in-law has to say when my dad is acting bizarre is cardigan and we bust up laughing. Pretty funny memory.

  10. Totally unrelated to the challenge, I have these shoes! I have been wearing FitFlops for a couple of years now and they ROCK! The sparkly ones are perfect for trade shows. I started having issues with my feet, began at CHA a few years back, and now they don’t hurt at the shows anymore. LOVE THEM!


  11. Only story I can think of is when my boyfriend, now husband, asked for my hand in marriage. My Dad didn’t understand every word my guy said, using ASL, (American Sign Language ) but figured that he’s a good guy, so Yes! to whatever he just said…later when I had the engagement ring on my finger & we showed it to my Dad, he asked,”Was this something from the Cracker Jack box?” Ay-yi-yi-yi ! The ring wasn’t looking that bad{still wearing it now} I think my Dad realized what he’d said, Yes! to and was so flustered, then he just blurted it out about the crack about from Cracker Jack box. Still married to my DH, happily for 38 yrs.

  12. He he well I don’t really remember alot but for my senior Prom my date came to pick me up and of course met my mother. It was my first official date with a boy as previously it was always group dates with friends. I was soo nervous so the whole time I just remember slowly scooting him towards the door while my mother peppered with us questions. We never even got a picture of us together except for the ones at the dance.

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