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Aw Yeah: My New Arrow Sewing Cabinet!

Last spring the fine folks at Arrow Cabinets asked if I’d like to try out one of their fancy-schmancy sewing cabinets. I’ve always been a “machine on the folding table” kind of chica and thought it would be fun to upgrade like a professional seamstress. I agreed!

However, I had a big problem – errr, perhaps I should say a small problem…

My art studio was so cluttered with supplies that I didn’t have room for the cabinet! At first I thought I’d move a few shelving units around but soon realized that that wouldn’t help. My art room needed a major overhaul.

I went for the gusto and cleared EVERYTHING out. I ripped up the carpet, did the glittered floor thang and started from scratch. It took several months, but I finally assembled my beautiful Marilyn model in my spacious new art studio.

Here is the door that swings out, it has trays to hold spools of thread!

The sewing machine rests on a pressurized board that goes up and down. See? I told you it was fancy!

Drawers to hold all my goodies.

Top view.

Spectacular 3/4 sexy view!!!

I lurve my sewing cabinet. Thank you so much to Arrow Sewing Cabinets for serving as the spark for this crazy, but wonderful remodeling project that I needed so much! I’m sure I’ll sew all kinds of magnificent garments with this renewed energy in the art room!

Crochet Bicycle Dress Guard

This is how I know I have a coffee problem.


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