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Girly Girl Photo Shoot!


Last week we had a girly girl kind of day. My friend Dania came over and styled Maya’s hair and make up. To get the juicy curls, she added gel and rolled the sections hair into pin curls. Later, I exercised my photography skills and snapped these photos. The inspiration was ’40s pin up – classy style. It was fun to clear work assignments off my mind and just have fun taking pictures! As far as the black dress – it belongs to my mom from the early 1960s


This is how I know I have a coffee problem.

The Irish Soldiers of Mexico


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  1. Kathy, I’m the one who “twittered” about connecting my son with your daughter. He is a sophomore at ASU Tempe. A real nice guy majoring in engineering (Mom tooting his horn, lol) I showed him these pictures and he wants to connect with her alright! Would she mind if he added her on Facebook and the kids can take it from there? Just wanted to give you a heads up. Tell Maya she is beautiful!!! You too, love all your chicaness!


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