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Dia de los Muertos art & fun from this weekend!

We had a busy weekend with Dia de los Muertos events here in Phoenix!

Here are some pictures!

This is an installation that Patrick made.

Maya had to give a group presentation on Dia de los Muertos for her college arts class. Patrick came to her classroom and painted all the kids’ faces before they took the stage.

Here is a peek into some things I made for the show!


These are shrine pendants I made. They sold really well, excited to make more for Spanish Market coming up!

Ruby wears a pair of earrings I made! She kept them on all weekend!

Maya and her sugar skull lollipop.

This girl at the festival had a shirt I loved – she made it with a Crafty Chica flocked iron on that she bought at Michaels!


This was a hilarious scene. This lady was dressed as a headless woman and she walked by one of the art booths and was offered candy from…a severed head!!!!


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