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How to Glitter a Denim Jacket

How to Glitter a Denim Jacket! Finally the weather is getting chilly here in Arizona! This is a jeans jacket I had that I’ve been wanting to embellish. I went a bit overboard, but it’s ok because I love bright colors.

 I used  Tulip® Fashion Glitter™ Shimmer Fabric Paints on a light denim jacket.
Click here for the full tutorial!

 Wash the jacket to remove the sizing.
 Use a large flat brush to apply the glitter.


 All you need is one coat, you want to get a soft sheen of color and sparkle. If you add too many coats, it can get heavy and a bit stiff. One coat is perfect!


 I painted the sleeves green and then added streaks of blue for a turquoise effect, and then I also added in some purple.


 Let it dry completely and then add some paint around the edges to give your jacket a finished look.


 This is how it looks now, but I plan to add some mini music buttons and maybe some patches and stuff to give it even more personality! If I knew how to paint, I think it would make a neat surface to paint a design on. I know what you’re thinking – is this washable? The answer is YES! It will make the jacket softer and the glitter and color will stay put! Here is some video footage (below) so you can see the sparkle in action!


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