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Peek at what I made tonight…


Pillows in progress!

We have Spanish Market this weekend, which is our biggest art event of the year! I took the week off from work in order to make as much merchandise as possible. Ech, I’m not going as fast as I want. Below is my wish list and I’m through a couple items. I think i’m making too much. Instead of making  five or six fabric collage pillows, I’m making SIXTEEN! That’s what a quad mocha will do to a crafty girl.

Here are some of the ornaments. Every year I try to make a new style, these are my favorite yet! I made 52 of them over the weekend. Tomorrow I’ll finish the pillows ans then bust out crosses and framed prints.

Speaking of tomorrow, which is actually TODAY – remember how Maya made that “How to Get Over a Break Up” video last week? Well, it is getting mucho hits and she was interviewed by a national show called Right This Minute about it! Check your local listings to see when it airs in your city. Here in Phoenix it is on channel 15 at 11 a.m.

Also – I was chosen as Mexican of the Week by Ask a Mexican! for the special Mujer! edition! Jajajaja, thanks!

2nd Annual Phoenix Craft Rave – call for submissions!

Interview with author Toni Plummer


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