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Spanish Market, it’s a wrap!

Fabric collage pillows

Every year we have a booth at the Heard Museum Spanish Market – it’s our biggest show of the year. I took the entire week off from work last week to strictly make merchandise. it was a week in Heaven! I drank quad venti skinny gingerbread lattes every afternoon. I did nothing but make art for 14 hours each day! Here are a few of the things I made!

This was from a community art project. We each had to decorate apiece of this sun. I decorated themiddle, but you can’t really see the detail from this picture. I wish I had taken a close up shot!

We had time to hang out with friends at the event!

One of Patrick’s TV trays.

My crosses!

This was my to-do list, and by Friday night I was able to cross off all but one item!

New bracelets!

Affirmation shrines.

The kids. They wouldn’t let me take a decent picture, they kept making weird faces. Curses!

Maya made a new friend!

Patrick and Maya.

Patrick and DeAngelo

HOW TO: Pick Up Guys (According to my daughter)

Have I told you about Mamiverse?


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