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VIDEO: How To Get Over A Break Up


Remember THIS article I wrote about my 18-year-old daughter falling in love?

Well, the relationship didn’t exactly work out, which is totally fine – actually kind of expected considering both of them were, well…only 18! I’m not going to lie, there was a lot of emotion and heartache, but they’re both great kids and after all was said and done, they both moved on in a positive way and we’re all really happy about that.

Maya made this video as part of the closure. I hope you watch it and pass it along to anyone you know who could use some support in that area, no matter what the age or gender. I’m so proud of her for being bold enough to share her experience to help other people!

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: How To Get Over A Break Up”

  1. Dear Kathy,

    Please give your Maya a great big hug from me for that video. I have my only lovely girls (9 and 14) and all this is yet to come for them…..and I suspect I shall be finding them Maya’s video to watch at some point. You have one gorgeous, creative, witty, intelligent girl there!

  2. Maya: you are the most mature, well poised, wise woman to put this video out to help others. I am sorry for your break up, but I know there are even better adventures in your future. And BTW, I know your mom is so very proud of you. You rock.


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