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The Art of Licensing

In the past year, I’ve been approached by several large companies about licensing. What exactly is licensing? It’s when a company wants to use your images on- for example – fabric, greeting cards, scarbook paper, wrapping paper, stickers, etc. I do have a little experience from my Crafty Chica, but still – a million questions are swirling about my noggin, which is why this workshop by professional craft designers, Karen Embry, Brenda Pinnick and Phyllis Dobbs piqued my interest.

These creative ladies were kind enough to do a Q&A with me about licensing and what their seminar has to offer.
CC: Could you tell us a little about this seminar? 

Karen: The NEW Dynamics of Art Licensing is a seminar that will be hosted by three artist/designers: Brenda Pinnick, Phyllis Dobbs and myself (Karen Embry). By sharing our personal experiences and successes, we will focus on what needs to be understood by artists and designers prior to investing the time, energy and money into marketing and licensing designs. They will receive first hand advice, insider information and tips along with the new challenges in the new art licensing arena.

CC: What are some of the topics you’ll discuss?
Brenda: We wanted to select topics that we felt would be the most beneficial and cover a broad, well-rounded range for anyone just starting out in art licensing or for those already in the industry that would like to advance their current licensing business to another level. Some of the areas will cover are: how to create licensable art, marketing materials, deliverables – what a manufacturer will expect from you, color driven design, defining and finding your place in the crowded field of licensing and investing in your business. These are just a few of the informative and valuable topics that will help artists pursue their goals in art licensing. We will also be offering an optional personal portfolio or art reviews for those interested at an additional small fee.

CC: Sounds wonderful and much needed for newbies to this branch of the industry! How did you come up the idea for this seminar and how do you feel that this seminar is different than any other that has ever been offered?
Karen: When Brenda, Phyllis and I were approached by individuals about teaching our experiences in this industry, at first we were a bit hesitant, after all the industry has been through some major changes over the last several years. We thought about it for a while and concluded it was our obligation to other artists and designers to be completely honest about the realities of art licensing today. What better way than to share our own experiences in a seminar to help others find their own way and jump the licensing hurdles with the least amount of pain? We want to assist artist and help them to present their art, ideas and themselves in an innovative, professional and accurate manner. This seminar is different from others in that attendees will have the resources of three artists, with over 50 cumulative years of working in art licensing and marketing – all that that will be sharing realistic expectations. We believe that our up-front and honest approach is a new and refreshing way to present the materials necessary to move up the licensing ladder!

CC: Where and when will the seminar be held and what has been the response since you announced it?
Phyllis: The NEW Dynamics of Art Licensing Seminar will be held on January 28, 2012 at the Anabella Hotel, Anaheim, CA. from 6:30 to 8:30. It runs concurrent to the CHA Show dates and in close proximity to the convention, but does not conflict with any CHA events. We felt this would be an excellent option for those attending CHA to have the opportunity to attend our seminar since they would already be at the convention, but wouldn’t have to incur any additional travel expenses. We are also offering an early bird discount for those that purchase their NEW Dynamics of Art Licensing seminar ticket by January 14, 2012. Portfolio consultation & art review times are scheduled according to the date of ticket purchase.
The response has been wonderful! We have had inquiries from as far as Australia! Seats are filling up quickly and space is limited, so we would recommend early registration so as to not be disappointed.

CC: How can we find out more deets?
Please follow this link for registration information and more specific information on seminar topics. http://brendapinnick.typepad.com/files/the-new-dynamics-of-art-licensing-1.pdf

Thank you, ladies, I’m sold! See you there!

Kathy 🙂

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