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My Bedroom Makeover, Part One

Patrick: “What do you want for your birthday?”

Me: “The carpet ripped out of the bedroom!”

Patrick: “What do you want for your birthday?”

That’s how things went for the last month…and wouldn’t you know, I came home from Fresno this past Friday to find – the carpet ripped out of the bedroom!

The floor sans carpet, still needs scrubbing. DeAngelo’s legs!

I couldn’t just do the floor – I mean times called for a full-on makeover. I went to Home Depot and chose my three favorite colors – bright red, tangerine orange and emerald green. The paint department was way crowded and when the clerk popped open my cans to show me the finished creations, everyone released a collective gasp. Half excitement, half in shock.

“Dear Lord! What are you using those color for?”

“You’re too young to like hippy colors!”

“You’ll never be able to sleep in a bedroom painted in those colors!”

Here is my son, DeAngelo, painting away! I told him this was a great life skill to have, someday when he has his own house, he’ll be an expert on painting walls, right? He is so sweet, he stayed up with me until midnight until every spot was completely covered@

Those were the types of comments thrown at me, but I just smiled and pranced away with my happy paints. I came home and DeAngelo helped me paint the walls.

“This looks like a boy’s playroom, Mom.”

“This room looks like a Jamaican recording studio!” Patrick gleamed.

Ah, let them think what they want! I’m going to turn it into a Mexi-Bohemian paradise of patchwork colors and textures.

One decision that I made was to move the computer/office station OUT of the bedroom. How many of you have your desktop in your room? Now that my art studio is so spacious, I have room to set up a writing station and I love it! I have better lighting, I can make my videos easier and share more crafty fun because everything is right here at my fingertips!

Tomorrow the tile will be finished in the bedroom and we’re buying a new bed this weekend. Glorious! Tonight I’m working on making some very wild drapes..stay tuned!

Kathy 🙂

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  1. I don’t know why but trying to post a comment through the “networked blogs” never works I have to reload the normal page url.

    Anyhoooo, if you had told me you were going to paint your room those colors I would have thought you coocoo but to actually see it I think it looks pretty awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing it when the b&w tiles and furniture back in.


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