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Suede’s Holiday Fashion Tips!

If you are a longtime fan of Project Runway, you’ll certainly recognize Suede from Season 5. These days, he still designs for celebrities, tours the globe, as well as producing a line of fabulous frock patterns for Simplicity. Here’s an interview with Suede where he shares ideas about holiday fashion!
Check out his web site at SuedeSays.com – tell him Crafty Chica sent you!

CraftyChica.com: Should there be a difference in what you wear when it comes to parties vs. family gatherings?
Suede: I believe personal style should always be reflected in what you wear. Of course there are times when we need to funk it up or dress it up for certain parties but always let you shine through. If you are not expressing yourself who are you expressing?

Tips for the excessive, over-the-top dresser: 
Edit. Sometimes less can really be more. Think about where you are going and what you want to say. At the end of the day you are the star not your clothes.

Tips for the minimalist:

Challenge is to find a statement piece and work it into your wardrobe. It can be a handbag, belt, necklace, bracelet, scarf – anything but just try to work in one piece that is a conversation item.

What are common mistakes women make when it comes to holiday fashion: 

I find the most common mistakes people make are living in the past and not moving forward. Fashion is an evolution.. meaning your wardrobe should evolve. Be sure to keep things fresh and mix it up.

Seriously – have you ever own a cheesy holiday sweater?
Suede isn’t a big sweater fan but I’m sure back in the day, pre-deciding what I wore I was plopped into a cheesy sweater or two. My mom loves to wear sweatshirts with holiday greetings on them so I have to tread very lightly here. Overall I’m not a fan of them but…. they serve their purpose and provide a public service message. Mine would say: SUEDEsays™ – freakin’ ROCK your Holidaze!!!

What about women who have no moola to splurge on fancy threads? 
I recommend taking up sewing. If you haven’t seen the SUEDEsays™ by Simplicity line its full of amazing styles for women of all body shapes. We offer Classic, Edgy, and Flirty looks for women, and Prep and Rock for men’s. You pick your style, you pick your fabric and you ROCKit how you like. Check www.SUEDEsays.com or www.Simplicity.com for more details.

What are some patterns from your line that we can run out and buy and make?
Your best bet is #2182 Cool Fast Fashion – it can be made in a couple hours. Get a knit that speaks to you – solid or print, and literally its a front, back, shelf lining, with braided strips. You’ll be able to rock a fun party look in no time. If you don’t want to show that much skin pair it with a great cropped jacket of a fun wrapped sweater (sans holiday greeting).

What are some ways people can give the gift of sewing – and why is that such a great gift?
So many craft stores offer lessons and sewing is invaluable. I mean what’s better then expressing yourself through what you wear. With Simplicity, SUEDEsays™ offers the tools that will help you make modern fashionable clothing.

Be sure to check SUEDEsays.com to keep up with all things Suede. Sending you all much love and happiness during this Holiday 2011 Season and wishing you each a very happy, healthy, prosperous and ROCKin’ 2012!


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