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Love Songs for a Year

If you need some good energy in the love department, I have something that might help!
Remember this summer when Maya fell in love for the first time? And when it all came to a tearjerking halt? It was pretty traumatic at the time.  I was worried how it would affect her. Would she become a jaded manhater?
I’m happy to report it is the opposite. She rationalized her first love as being her “high school transitional boyfriend” (love it!) – and that she knew her true love was out there in her future. She’s now focusing on friends, having fun, keeping things light, college, and her new job (very first). There’s no time for romance!
But nothing will stop her from playing music, so she decided to give her tunes purpose and send good, loving, energy out into the world. That’s where Love Songs for a Year comes in!
Love Songs for a Year is a new Maya in the Moment video series. She plans to share a new love song every week to keep the love flowing, with or without a boyfriend. She is taking dedications and requests too!
Here is her intro to the series and a new song she wrote last week. So if you need some perking up in the love department, give a listen!
And add her here too:

Love Songs for a Year Intro (LINK)

Deepest Waters, Original Song, LINK

Kathy 🙂

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