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Rose-Covered Headboard

My new bed!

I finally finished revamping my bedroom and here is a DIY tutorial for Threadbanger.com about how I made my rose-covered headboard, trimmed in Magnetic Poetry!

Special thanks to Corinne Leigh for inviting me to contribute to Threadbanger, I’m in awe and so honored!

TIP: The key to this project is to make it into something that will make YOU happy. I custom-tuned my design to fit moi. I love words, I’m a writer. I love affirmational phrases and such, so that’s where the theme came from. But feel free to take the idea and tweak it to your style!

Read on below the clip for a funny story about this video…


You’ll notice in my opening clip, I only have eyeshadow on one side. My eyes were watering before I taped and I wiped them and didn’t notice the fail that followed.When the segment aired, I was so worried that people would complain about my novice editing skills, or even the project itself. What was the main thing they noticed? MY LACK OF EYESHADOW ON ONE EYE!

It made me crack up and giggle. I replied in the comments section about my watery eyes and all was well. People were very forgiving! The incident has motivated me to always keep a mirror handy when I’m filming. You just never know! Once the clip goes live, it’s there for good!

Glitter your nails!

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