How To: Decoden (Micro Collage)

This past weekend I came across a video on YouTube about Decoden – it’s a craft form from Japan where you embellish cellphones and game controllers and such. Next thing I knew, I had watched about 20+ more videos on the technique. My heart raced from excitement. My hands trembled in anticipation. Um, can you say pre-addicted??

Maya laughed at me because all the videos were hosted by… little girls. I’m talking hot pink ice cream cone cabochons as their main staple. But I didn’t care, they gave really awesome tutorials! They convinced me to drop what I was doing and race out to the hardware store to buy a tube of silicone. I did just that and went on a Decoden bender of sorts…

Here is a video tutorial I created so you can try it too:



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  1. Thanks for your tutorial. This brings me back to my teens. I did sort of the same thing then on tins but i used self harding clay and pushed in broken jewelery and broken dishes and beads. This way with the silicone is way easier i think, i see many projects coming up. My first project will be the cover of my journal.
    Thanks again for your lovely inspiration.

  2. This is so wonderful and just the sort of thing I needed to get my creative juices flowing again.

    I watched a bunch of those videos and it’s so adorable hearing all those little girls getting their craft on. Awesome!

    You never fail to inspire me. Thank you.

  3. This is so cool, Kathy! I have been doing rhinestone collages on my cell phones and laptop and covering them with Glossy Accents. I guess it’s a similar technique. I love that this post was inspired by girls from Japan! Damned right they give good tutorials! So do you! XOXO!

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