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My DIY versions of Urban Outfitters Mexi-Style Decor!

I was checking out Urban Outfitters this week and noticed they have a lot of cute Mexi-accents for home decor!
Check it – I’m sharing pictures, plus ideas on how you can DIY it on your own!

NOTE: Sure it’s easier to just buy these items, but some of us like to make our own decor with our own little twists,s o that’s why I’m adding the Crafty Chica DIY angle…

2×3 Mi Casa Rug, $19

Supplies: White rug, poster board, craft knife, Tulip Fabric Spray, blue painter’s tape, pencil.

Directions: Draw the design on the poster board, cut out with craft knife, set on rug and tape down. Spray with paint. Let dry. Best thing? You can reuse the stencil for other home decor or art projects!

Sunrise Wall Hook, $8

Supplies: Wood plaque, color copy of papel picado design, metal hook, Collage Pauge Glossy.

Directions: Decoupage the color copy to the plaque and seal. Add the hook. Don’t forget to add a hanger in the back. Because you are making this yourself, you can make it whatever size or shape you want!

Embroidered Ikat Stripe Pillow, $34

Supplies: Oblong pillow, assorted solid ribbon (or rainbow yarn), pompom fringe, Aleene’s Fabric Fusion.

Directions: Measure around the width of the pillow for both sides and cut your trim. Brush on a layer of glue up the pillow and set your trim in place, repeat for the other side, continue until it is covered. Add pompom fringe. Use clothespins to hold in place while glue dries. Variation: Instead of ribbon, use rainbow chenille yarn or even embroidery thread!

Southwest Medallion Tapestry, $39

Supplies: Large canvas, acrylic paints…

Errr…actually for $39 bucks, I think I would just buy this one!

Floral Wall Sculptures, $34

My friend, EcoHeidi has a video tutorial on how to make these flowers. You can use Mexican soda or juice cans!

Click here to watch her video.

Floral Ikat Patchwork Quilt, $179

I LOVE to sew, so this one is a given for me.

Supplies: 12×12″ swatches of Mexican or southwestern themed fabric. Batting, sheet in the size you want the quilt to be.

Directions: Make sure you have enough swatches to fill the size of the sheet. Pin and sew them together in rows. Layer the sheet and facing right sides in and sew around three sides. Lay flat and insert batting. Sew up fourth side. Tuft by stitching on each corner of the square (or in the center.

These are the things I’m just going to buy…

Amigo Table, $44:

 Mexicali Rose rug, $39

How To: Decoden (Micro Collage)

Spring Flower Mash Up


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  1. We have a good Mexican grocery store in a city down the hwy from us. In the meantime, how are the Mexican soda and juice cans different? Are they enough different it’s worth going down there, or should I just raid a recycling bin near me for US cans?


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