Sometimes when my brain gets filled with too many ideas, I have to sort stuff…these are my Tulip 3D paints and I found a new tub to hold them and grouped them by color. Now it will be even easier to use them when I’m in the heat of creativity!

I just have to tell you – it’s now been five months since I finished my studio redo. I’m delighted to report that it still is as pristine as Day One. Well, pretty much. I spent way too many years working and designing in a cluttered area and it feels great to have an open space. The key is that I make myself respect my supplies and I put them back in their labeled place after I’m done with them. And I clean up after I finish each project. I also have a roll of brown paper to line my work table with every week. Another plus – overhead lighting. We bought three hanging lamps for $15 each at Home Depot and they have more than served their purpose!

My room is still “creatively cluttered,” but in an organized fashion.

One other thing that happened by accident. I used to push my table against the wall, now I have it in the center of the room with chairs on both sides. Now it has a community feel, so I can have my kids or husband or friends help me make stuff. We have crafty parties all the time! Coming soon – I’m going to be featured in Where Women Create magazine, so you’ll be able to see everything up close!

Go be shiny,
Kathy 🙂

Love & light,

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  1. Great idea about placing the table in the middle of the room. I may just try that too!! I too just redid my sewing room and I bought a bunch if colored Japanese lanterns to hang on the ceiling–I want to pain them though-each one is one solid color-could be coooler. But the overhead light is a must!!! And since my room is all white the globes provide some color.
    Thanks for all your positive energy–you are an inspiration to newbie crafters like me!!!

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