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Crafty Ways to Recycle for Earth Day!

– Bubble mailers: I get these in the mail all the time and I reuse them to send my own mail out. I like to cut the large ones in half and use to mail two small items.

– Used Fed Ex/UPS Overnight Boxes: I cut these up into different sizes of squares, from 4×4″ down to 1/2″. Why? I use them as my “pop dots” in my shadow boxes, shrines, greeting cards, etc. They work great for layering images for a 3D look. The boxes are awesome because they are so smooth.

– Leftover wrapping paper: During the holidays, I always buy way to much wrapping paper. You know – the five rolls for $5 kind? Now I use it for packing boxes. Not only is colorful, but it is very sturdy.

– Extra glitter: Pour the excess glitter from your projects into a separate container – the mixed version is very pretty! you can use it on future projects!

– Paper clippings: Save them in a jar as well, you can use them as stuffing for gift baskets or gift boxes. Same with your shredded paper.

– Save pages that you print out and use them as your sketch paper. Save all your sketches in a binder!

– Paint bottles with a little bit of paint left: If they are acrylic craft paints, add water and shake them up. Great for watercolors, spray bottles, spritzing, tinting cotton fabric.

– Pretty boxy shopping bags from department or gourmet stores: Staple the backing against the wall in your craft room so you can have extra storage to hold lightweight, oversize items like rolled up posters, prints, yarn, etc.

– Empty thread spools: Use to hold yarn or embroidery floss remnants.

– Cereal and other food boxes: Hello! Perfect for when you need lightweight chipboard to make books or little shrine boxes!

– Old dishtowels: Put up a towel bar to hold these as rags in your studio, so you won’t use paper towels.

– Unwanted beads and findings: Pour them in a glass sun tea jar and use as a door stop. Or use them in a resin project!

– Corny fabric you don’t like anymore: Dip or tie dye it to give a new look.

– Extra fabric: Make a cushy pillow for your craft area chair!


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