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DIY Mexi-Boho Wrist Cuffs!

I have a crafty confession…I never used a die cutting machine until, oh, about two weeks ago. Now I can’t stop! I tried machines in the past but could never figure the suckers out. Plus, I’ve always had this weird thing with paper arts and scrapbooking, I always have felt like a nerd that didn’t get into all the inks and things. I wanted to, but I never quite found a connection. I just sorta winged it on my own…Maybe I needed to take a class, lol…

But then Stacey from Spellbinders came into my life. We met last year at The Creative Connection Event and I couldn’t believe she lived my same city! We kept in touch and when she heard about my upcoming Crafty Chica Cruise, she sent me a Grand Calibur Machine to use on the ship with the group. Aye…um…I had no idea where to start! My friend Julianna Hudgins showed me her new line of dies and well, here we are!

I started by cutting tin.

Next, I moved on to Julianna’s Goddess template and made these fun bracelets. I used the machine to cut layers of fabric, I sewed them together and added an embellishment in the center. For the glitter, I used Tulip Shimmer Sheets.

For the center, I made felt flowers and glued them to the center and used Aleene’s Hook & Loop Tape as closures.

Go be shiny,
Kathy 🙂

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