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DIY Quinceañera scrapbook and memory tins

Here’s how to make a DIY Quinceañera scrapbook, plus memory tins! This should be a stress-relieving project. You can prep it all ahead of the event and then fill in later with all the glorious photos.


What better way to celebrate your quinceañera than by making a scrap book to hold all those photos? These are some page that Maya made for her cousin, Phylicia.

– Scrapbook
– Assorted papers
– Two sheets of stickers
– Chipboard shapes
– Stick on crystals
As far as glue, use a Tacky Glue stick, Tacky Glue sheets and even hot glue too!
You can look for a kit at the store or use whatever you have on hand.
Mat the photos with a sold backing paper. Then affix them to the page.
Think of each page as its own story, take it slow so you enjoy the process!

The Art of Reverse Graffiti!

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  1. I know it’s been a while since this was posted. I love your personal touch. I am in the process of making a memory book for a friend, for her daughter’s Quince. I would love to have a page or two dedicated to the traditions of the Quinceneara. Mass, crowning, changing of the shoes, last doll, the toast and speech, and lastly all the special dances. Her grandfather passed away recently and she will be doing a special dance honoring him, after her parents. Just wondering if you did anything like that or have any suggestions?


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