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My studio in Where Women Create Magazine!

Last summer, Jo Packham wrote me to ask me about being featured in Where Women Create Magazine. Of course I jumped at the chance, even though my studio space was a shambles. I’m talking run down, beat down, UGLY. I can’t even show you a picture it was so bad!

But knowing that the photo shoot was months away, I decided to use the opportunity to slay the dust bunnies (and other creatures I won’t mention) and redo the room. I explain the entire process in the article!

Here is the end result! I have a 10-page spread in the new issue, Summer 2012. You’ll have to buy the issue to see the real deal, but here is a sneak peek.

My studio has evolved even more. Now I have the computer in here (this is where I’m typing) and made it my little office/design studio. It inspired me to redo my bedroom as well!

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