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The Art of Reverse Graffiti!

Have you ever heard of reverse graffiti? I hadn’t until the GreenWorks folks contacted me about helping them spread the word in honor of Earth Day!

OK, reverse graffiti – it’s where artists use stencils and bleach to create art on top of grimy building structures and what not.

Click on image to see the Paul making the mural!

In this case, they are using Green Works products, from The Clorox Company, that are formulated using plant- and mineral-based biodegradable cleaning ingredients.

Click on image to see the full gallery.

I’ve always been one to use a bleach pen to lift color from fabric, but the idea of doing a whole wall blows me away! I’m going to pick up a bottle of Green Works cleaner and try the stencil technique on my fence in my backyard, stay tuned to see how it turns out!

In the meantime, here is more info on reverse graffiti!

Click here to check out the Reverse Graffiti Gallery.

Check out this video from artist Paul “Moose” Curtis
Video: Green Works Reverse Graffiti: How to from the Artist

Here he gives a How-to:

Video: Green Works Reverse Graffiti: How to from the Artist

From Green Works:
“In 2008, we set out to create a unique and breakthrough way to demonstrate the efficacy of Green Works products. We chose a high-traffic, extremely dirty, and large spot in San Francisco – the Broadway Tunnel – to become the canvas for a live 140-foot Green Works product demonstration.
 We enticed Paul “Moose” Curtis, a British pioneer of an art form called “clean tagging,” to help realize our vision. Green Works products are at least 95 percent plant-based, so we decided to reverse out a mural of plants and trees on a dirty city wall.  With a powerful and larger-than-life demonstration, we encouraged people to think about what Green Works could do in their home if it could clean the dirt and grime off a busy transit tunnel.
We saw great results with the original Reverse Graffiti project. We’re excited to elevate and continue the program on a larger scale with the creation of the Reverse Graffiti Gallery by Green Works in Los Angeles.”

Green Works is offering a chance for someone to win trip to Los Angeles to see the opening of Reverse Graffiti Gallery!

Go be shiny,
Kathy 🙂

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