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How to make and tie dye T-shirt yarn

Here is how to make and tie dye T-shirt yarn. T-shirt yarn is so easy and addicting to make, well now you can take it a step further and tie dye your T-shirt yarn and then use it to make all kinds of things!!

There are several ways to go about it – you can:

A. Use a shirt that is already tie-dyed OR
B. Cut up the shirt to make the yarn and then dye it. That is what I’m showing in my tutorial video.

SUPPLIES for How to make and tie dye T-shirt yarn:

Tie Dye Kit

Ironing board

How to make and tie dye T-shirt yarn

To make the T-shirt yarn, slide the shirt on an ironing board and cut off the bottom hem of the shirt. Now start cutting all the way around in a 1″ strip in one continuous piece. 

When you reach the end, set it aside and work on another shirt, depending on how much yarn you need. for a jewelry project like this, one T-shirt is perfect. 

Open the dye bottles, mix according to package directions. 

Use a spray bottle to dampen the T-shirt yarn and then apply the dye (wear gloves and protect your work surface with a plastic cover). Let set for six hours. rinse in the sink until the water runs clear. Wash again and let dry.

Stretch the yarn out so it curls and then use as desired!


YouTube video

Watch the video and give it a try! Let me know if you liked how to make and tie dye T-shirt yarn and if you plan to try it anytime soon!


Ways to use your yarn:






Mixed media

Use as ribbon or trim

Interview with Chef Marcela Valladolid

Frida Stencil – test run cc


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