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Resin Technique: Open-Back Pendant Using Duct Tape

Resin pendant tutorial - open backed,

Resin technique: Open-back pendant using duct tape stars Frida!

It started as an open-backed pendant, but by lining the back with duct tape, you can fill it will resin and make a bezel. Once the resin is cured, then simply peel away the duct tape.

Supplies for this Resin Technique: Open-Back Pendant Using Duct Tape:

2-part resin for jewelry

 Open backed pendant

Photo printed on glossy photo paper

Assorted plastic charms, glitter, glitter film

Duct tape

Directions for the resin tutorial:

Line the back of the pendant with duct tape, make sure there are no open spots. Run your finger around the edges to make sure it’s tight.

Mix the resin according to the package directions. Pour a small amount to coat the back and let cure for about 30 minutes. Then add your picture and pour a bit more resin and let cure for another 30 minutes.

Add other embellishments, making sure they don’t float over your image.

Use a straw or small torch to blow out any gas bubbles. Let cure for 24 hours, and then peel away the duct tape and embellish the rest of the pendant as desired.

TIP: Let your resin sit for about 10 minutes after mixing when it comes to adding a domed look to finish off your piece, it will work beautifully!

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