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Using yarn as a tie dye technique

Using yarn as a tie dye technique isn’t as strange as it seems.  Sometimes the best tools come from resources that are readily available. I noticed I had a lot of yarn in a different sizes and textures and experimented to use it as a way to print on fabric using the dye. 
The results came out impressive!

Recently I’ve been trying all different types of tie dye techniques and I loved my scrap test pieces so much that I decided to make them into little clutches!

Check out my tutorial using yarn as a tie dye technique!

YouTube video

 Supplies for using yarn as a tie dye technique:

For this fabric, I used the string dye method (see video here)
– 16×16 pieces of fabric
– Duct tape
– Assorted sparkly ribbon
– Sewing machine

Sew or glue the ribbon up the stripes of the fabric.

I folded the purple ribbon as I sewed to give it a ruffly look.

Your fabric pieces will look something like this.

Add trim!

Flip over so the back side is facing up and cover with strips of metallic duct tape or another type you like!

Using yarn as a tie dye technique is such a good idea!

Tape the edges of your fabric piece, then fold into a clutch and add duct tape up the sides.

Add a fluffy flower in the center!

And it will look like this! Super easy to make! You can use them to hold your pencils, gift cards, coupons, ephemera, jewelry – whatever you want!

Using yarn as a tie dye technique

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